We made it into the MDR Thüringen Journal!

We made it into the MDR Thüringen Journal!

We were visited by the MDR Thüringen television crew last Friday!

They shot a 2.5 minute TV report about our project. We were (and still are) pretty excited about that! First, we told them about what we want to do as well as why and after that, we showed them around the MakerSpace. We also took them into our soldering lab.

In addition to showing them around, some of us were interviewed. The professors that support us – Prof. Dienerowitz and Prof. Voß – were there as well and talked about our university, the project as well as the motivation behind our experiment. Two of our team members, Johannes and Anna Maria, explained their role in the team and answered a few questions.

After we finished the shoot at the EAH Jena, we got into a bus and drove to the Carl-Zeiss sports field. We were allowed to fly our balloon and drones there. Everything went smoothly – the wind was in our favour, the release mechanism of the glider worked perfectly everytime and we got some great shots!

Obviously, not everything we filmed in the 4 hours made it into the report. Nevertheless, we are very thankful for the nice report and proud to have made it into television! 😀

If you want to watch the piece, you can find it here for another few days: https://www.mdr.de/mediathek/mdr-videos/a/video-188050.html

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