The Team

We are a team of 15 people and are all enrolled in the University of Applied Sciences Jena.  Our fields of studies are Precision Engineering (which is similar to Mechanical Engineering), Electrical Engineering as well as Space Electronics.

Because of that, we are able to work on the electrical and mechanical aspect of our experiment in small teams. All of the work is distributed evenly and every team member has been allocated defined tasks.

And of course we want to introduce ourselves to you! So here we go:

Our Management

Most of our team is tasked with the development of the mechanical parts of our experiment (glider, ejection mechanism etc.) as well as the the electronics (glider & rocket mounted PCBs). Nevertheless, it is important to stay on schedule and to have a general overview of what’s going on. For that we have a team leader, Anna Maria, who’s making sure that we stay on track. 

In addition to Anna Maria, we have help from Hannes, who took part in one of the previous REXUS projects. He’s supporting us with hints and tricks regarding the electronic design as well as the basic project organisation.

Our Mechanics Team

Our mechanics team consits of Johannes, who’s the group leader, Tobias, Paul, Peter and Willi.

While Johannes and Willi are responsible for the glider design, Peter will be conducting aerodynamic tests and is working on a flight simulation of our experiment. Tobias and Paul are working on the ejection mechanism of the glider and are also responsible for the mounting and electronics housing. Obviously they all have to work closely with each other to make sure that the parts fit together.

Our Electronics Team

Our electronics team consits of Franz, who’s the group leader, Adrian, Florian, Martin, Berny, another Florian, Max and a third Florian.

We need electronics on board of the glider as well as inside of the rocket. And in addition to that we also need a groundstation to gather the data sent during the glider’s flight. Franz and Adrian are working on the glider PCB, while Max and Florian L. are tasked with the rocket mounted PCB. Of course we also need software to operate our experiment! Florian S., Martin and Florian B. are working on that together.

This is part of our team - from left to right: Paul, Willi, Johannes, Florian S., Prof. Dienerowitz, Max, Anna Maria and Hannes.

More pictures coming soon!

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