IPR stands for Integration Progress Review and it is the third review we have in the course of our participation in the REXUS/BEXUS programme. The IPR is held at the university of the experiment team, which means that there will be the usual presentation and discussion but there will be a tour of the facility as well. Usually, the team is visited by two to three experts but in our case we had five visitors!

For the IPR the final experiment design should be adjusted according to the comments we recieved during the CDR and the desing is completely frozen from now on. In addition to that, the majority of the hardware should have been fabricated and the flight models of the PCBs should be in production. Also, the majority of the software should be up and running. The experts bring a REXUS System Simulation with them, to test the functionality of our soft- and hardware.

As we’ve had our IPR yesterday, we can tell you a bit more about it. After we held our presentation, we had quite a long – but very casual – discussion about almost every part of our experiment. We got a lot of good feedback and interesting suggestions. Then, we showed the experts around on our campus. In particular we showed them our soldering lab, where we produced the first prototype of our RCU. We’re were also quite proud to be able to show them our Makerspace, where we hold our regular team meetings and work on the mechanical design of our experiment. We did the REXUS Service Module test there and were happy that everything worked as expected. In addition to that, we also showed them our small shaker test setup and demonstrated its functionality with a shaker test of our glider. And then it was time to say goodbye already. We hope everyone had a safe trip home!

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