CDR stands for Critical Design Review. It is the second review we have to pass during the experiment’s duration.

After the CDR the design is frozen, which means that no major changes can be made. Of course this applies to the mechanical design (in our case the glider, ejection mechansim,..) as well as the electrical design (for us rocket- as well as glider-mounted PCB designs, layouts,…). This ensures the experiment can be built, tested and verified thoroughly. All of our new ideas and changes have to be documented in the second version of our SED.

It is also necessary to update our schedule to make sure we stay on track with all of our tasks. And we will update the experts panel on the things we’ve done to educate people about our experiment and the REXUS/BEXUS programme.

The CDR will take place in Oberpfaffenhofen in Germany and, as with the PDR, four members of our team will present our progress. In addition to the presentation and the panel discussion, we will be having an interface discussion with all of the REXUS 25 teams. This discussion will make sure that everything will fit together perfectly during the rocket’s assembly.

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