SED v1

SED v1

Today at 4.30 pm we uploaded the first version of our SED to the REXUS/BEXUS teamsite. We’ve worked on this version for quite some time and yet, we had a lot left to do this weekend. Each of the team’s workgroups (Mechanical Design, Glider Electronics, Rocket Electronics as well as Management/Outreach) had to prepare their share of the document.

Over the past weekend, we had to tackle the task of merging these individual parts into one huge document. It’s now about 70 pages long! And we’re really glad it’s over… because we’re pretty sure that we’ve all been there: Combining various documents into one can really test your patience. Nevertheless, we made it in time and do have a tiny bit of sanity left 😉

To help us, we recruited a new team member (see picture) and had loads of maté-drinks while surviving mostly on sweets 😀

Stay tuned for future updates!

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