The Organisers & Sponsors

The REXUS/BEXUS program (Rocket and Balloon Experiments for University Students) provides students like us with opportunities to perform scientific and technical experiments on rockets and balloons under specific atmospheric conditions.

We will go through the full life cycle of a space project, which begins with an idea and a planning phase and ends with the publication of the results. In between, we build and test our experiment, take part in the rocket launch campaign, conduct our experiment, and evaluate the data we’ve acquired. During the project we have to stick to a time schedule with fixed milestones and reviews. The duration of the REXUS project is about 18 months. So we’ll be launching in March 2019 in Kiruna (Sweden) – we’re already excited!

Experts from DLR, SSC, ZARM and ESA provide us with technical support throughout the project. EuroLaunch, the cooperation between the Esrange Space Center of SSC and the Mobile Rocket Base (MORABA) of DLR, is responsible for the campaign management and operations of the launch vehicles.

If you want to get to know the organisers better, just klick on the logos below. They’ll take you to their website.

In addition to the finaces and support given by the institutions above, we are lucky to be sponsored by some companys. They help us in various ways – from material donations (metal sheets as well as gas to fly our own balloons) to covering the manufacturing of some of our PCBs. With those donations they help us to get closer to our goals. Thank you very much!

If you want to find our more about these companys, just click on the logos below. They’ll take you to their website.

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