Get to know: Our Ejection Mechanism

Get to know: Our Ejection Mechanism

After telling you about our glider design, it is time to tell you everything about our ejection mechanism! The ejection mechanism is crutial to our experiment and therefore has to work properly. In the following paragraphs we’ll talk to you about the design we came up with and how it works.

The design we currently have is not the first one we came up with. Before this one we had two other ideas. But they we’re too complicated to build and assemble. Therefore, we had to come up with an easier solution and to help you better understand our descriptions, we included a schematic.

The FGU, meaning our glider with the electronics, is placed on the main block on a thin rubber mat for friction and an additional bit of protection. Two pre-assembled steel wires will pull the glider downwards against compression springs. The steel wires will each be cut by one pyro cutter, which are integrated into the main block with locking rings.

The GCU’s (Glider-Mounted Control Unit) battery will be charged with spring contacts, for which there will be a hole for the cable feed through right beneath it. The main block itself will be mounted on top of the nose cone adapter plate with four M5 screws and lock nuts, which will be sealed with loctite. In addition to that, we will press fit 2 pins in the main block through the adapter plate for extra positioning accuracy. The steel wires will each be fixated with cable clamps directly under the nose cone adapter plate, then redirected and fixated again above the adapter plate.

To ensure the glider won’t get damaged on top and the wires are under tension the whole time, we are going to place a spring between a large washer and the pre-assembled cable head. The glider will be reinforced with extra material on these spots.

The procedure will be as follows: First the pyro cutters get activated, then the springs will push the cable head including the remaining cable away from the glider and the FGU is gently pushed o by the compression springs integrated in the main block.


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