Build Your Own Glider

We’d love for you to have some fun with our project as well! This is why we decided to provide you with a template to build your own glider. Just download the pdf below and get started!

We suggest to use a sturdy material – like DEPRON – to build your glider out of. You will need to glue the pieces together, so make sure you have glue on hand. To make the glue up easier for you, we included a template in the upper right corner. Just cut that out of a thick sheet of paper/cardboard/DEPRON twice and you can place your parts into it.

And don’t worry: A more detailed version of the instructions is included on the pdf!

Oh… and by the way: We call our glider “Donk”. 😀   If you build it yourself, you might find out why.

Of course we are supported by the organisers and a few sponsors. But obviously we’re grateful for every bit of help – if you downloaded the pdf and had a great time building and throwing your glider around, feel free to tell us. And if you want to thank us by donating materials or a tiny bit of money, we’d really appreciate that!

You can contact us via our social media accounts or via mail – you can find both below.

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